App Features

Who is the user for this App?

The children. The App registration is to be performed by parents to allow their children to access to the App.

Can an individual customer register the App for more than one child?

Yes, provided that the WISE is registered with the parents and tagged to the Parent’s PBe.

How many children can an individual customer register for the App on the same device?

Only one child per device for security purpose. The app will perform device binding upon app registration.

What are the benefits of the App?
  • Assist parents in inculcating savings habit in children
  • Educate their children on financial planning
  • Manage their Pocket Money and Goal
  • Provide opportunity for more interaction between parents and children
What are the App features?
Features Description
Pocket Money

  • Children can earn Pocket Money by completing the task requested from parents.
  • Parents can top-up their children’s Pocket Money via “Pocket Money Transfer” under PB Journey module in PB engage.
  • As the Pocket Money is a subset to the WISE, the Pocket Money amount will be earmarked under the WISE.
  • Children can request task from parents and complete it to earn Pocket Money.
  • A maximum of ten (10) active tasks can be maintained at any one time
  • Earn goal interest at “Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) minus 0.50% p.a.” by saving towards a goal amount and completing it within a specific tenure.
  • The said interest rate is payable on top of the WISE prevailing board rate.
  • The goal interest is calculated daily based on day-end balance in the goal.
  • The total goal interest earned will be credited into Pocket Money on the 15th of each month after the completion of goal within the goal tenure.
  • A maximum of five (5) goals can be maintained at any one time.
  • Flexible goal tenure from ten (10) days to three hundred and sixty (360) days.
  • The goal principal will be credited into Pocket Money on the following calendar day after the maturity date of the goal.
  • Educational videos for children to learn on financial planning and importance of savings.
Star Achiever Programme
  • An additional channel for children to submit their excellent academic result for government examinations for Cash Awards.
Can the App user perform financial transaction via the App?

No. This App does not facilitate any financial transaction for the time being.

How do parents monitor / manage their child’s activity in the App?

Go to “PB Journey” on the side menu bar upon login to their PB engage.
In the event that the parents registered the App for more than one (1) child, parents are able to view all children’s App activities under “PB Journey” module in PB engage.

What are the functions available under “PB Journey” in PB engage?

There are five (5) functions available upon tapping on the hover button:


Functions Description
Add New Task Assign new task to the children
View Children's Goals View Children's savings goals progress
Pocket Money Transfer Transfer money from parent’s current account / savings account to the children’s Pocket Money.
Withdraw Pocket Money Withdraw the children’s Pocket Money from the App.
User Settings Terminate the App access
Who should I contact for assistance in regards to the App?

Please contact PBe Customer Support at 03-2170 8000 or email to for assistance.