Can an individual send money to business entity?

No. This service is currently available for individuals sending to individuals only.

Who uses the Western Union Online Account to Cash Money Transfer?
  • People who send money for their domestic helpers
  • People who support relatives or friends
  • Travelers in an emergency
  • People who need to send money during office hours
  • Someone sending the gift of money
What is the maximum amount allowable for outward remittance?

The maximum amount per outward remittance is RM10,000 per customer per day. (Note: Minimum transactional limit should no less than USD5)

How much is the transfer fee?

The transfer fee varies according to the country and the principal amount the customer wishes to send. The transfer fee will be shown under the “View Forex/Fee” screen.

What are the operating hours for Western Union Money Transfer service?

The operating hours for this service is 24 hours daily, including public holidays.

How does a receiver pick up a money transfer?

The receiver is required to:-

  • Complete the "To Receive Money" form and pass it to the Agent together with his/her identification card
  • Review and sign the receipt given by the Agent. The Agent will then disburse the money and a copy of the receipt to the receiver
What does the receiver need to bring to pick up money at an Agent location?

Receiver must bring a valid Government identification and the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).

How can a customer find out if their money transfer is ready for the receiver to pick up?

Customers are able to check the money transfer status via westernunion.com under "Transfer Status" screen.