Transaction Authentication : PB SecureSign (Digital Token)

What is PB SecureSign?

PB SecureSign is the default transaction authentication method for MyPB App. It is a digital security token integrated into your MyPB App that allows you to authenticate your banking transactions easily and safely using your binded device.

You are able to approve transaction using Biometric Authentication/ SecurePIN upon activation of PB SecureSign. For transactions above RM 10,000, you will be prompted to authorize the transaction using SecurePAC for additional security.


Why is my PB SecureSign displayed as ‘Pending Activation’ after registration?

Registration for PB SecureSign consists of inputting your MyKad No. and enabling/ setting your quick payment limit. Upon completion, your PB SecureSign status will be listed as pending activation. For added security, you will have to perform any one of the following methods to begin the activation process:

  1. Activate it at any ATM/ CRM – Select Other Services > PB SecureSign Activation
  2. Visit the nearest Public Bank Branch
  3. Activate via Hard Token (if available)
Why is my PB SecureSign displayed as ‘In Progress’ even after activation?

As a security measure, Public Bank has introduced a 12-hour activation period to prevent any unauthorised transaction approvals. You will only have full access to MyPB App upon the completion of the cooling off period. This measure is designed to provide an added layer of protection for your banking activities and sensitive information.

I already have PB SecureSign activated on PB engage. Do I need to register for PB SecureSign on MyPB App?

Yes, in order to utilize the full banking and lifestyle features on MyPB App, you are required to activate PB SecureSign. But fret not, you can now migrate your PB SecureSign from PB engage to MyPB App via push notification approval.

Upon your successful registration of PB SecureSign on MyPB App, a push notification will be sent to your PB engage and all you need to do is to click on ‘Approve’ to migrate your PB SecureSign from PB engage to MyPB App.

Do I still need to go to the Branch/ ATM to activate my PB SecureSign?

No, you can skip the visit to the branch. Upon PB SecureSign activation via Push Notification you only need to wait for the 12 hour cooling off period to be completed before being able to fully utilize MyPB App.

Can I activate PB SecureSign on multiple devices?

No, PB SecureSign can only be activated on one app and one device at a time.

What happens if I switch my PB SecureSign from PB engage to MyPB App?

Activating PB SecureSign on MyPB App will make PB engage as your secondary app. This means that all transactions will require transaction approval from MyPB App.

What is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric Authentication allows you to approve transactions using your Fingerprint, Face ID or Touch ID.

How do I enable/ disable Biometric Authentication?

You can enable/ disable Biometric Authentication under Profile > Settings > PB SecureSign (Biometric Approval).

What is SecurePIN?

SecurePIN (also known as Quick Login Pin) is a 6-digit personal identification number (PIN) created during your initail login and PB SecureSign activation on MyPB App. SecurePIN will be used to authorize banking transactions hence it must always be kept secret and never be disclosed to anyone.

I am unable to setup my SecurePIN.

The creation of your SecurePIN must be unique and non-repetitive. The following SecurePIN structures will not be allowed:

  1. Repetitive numbers such as: 111111, 112233,111222
  2. Sequential numbers such as: 123456
  3. Echoed or mirrored numbers such as: 123321,123123
What happens if I input my SecurePIN incorrectly 3 times in a row?

Upon 3 wrong attempts, your PB SecureSign status and MyPB App account will be locked. You can reset your SecurePIN on MyPB App to unlock both your PB SecureSign and MyPB App account.

What if I forget my SecurePIN?

You can reset your SecurePIN under Profile > Account > Update PIN. Alternatively, you can click on the “Forget Pin” at the quick login screen and it will allow you to reset your SecurePIN. An SMS PAC will be sent to your registered phone number for authentication.

What is a SecurePAC?

SecurePAC is a system generated 6-digit code. Each SecurePAC is unique and provides an additional layer of security to your banking transactions. Thus, always treat each SecurePAC with care and do not ever share your SecurePAC.

How do I use the SecurePAC to approve a MyPB App transaction? Where do I get it from?

SecurePAC will be generated automatically at the confirmation screen if you are performing a third-party transfer above RM 10,000. You will have to input the SecurePAC on the given field to authenticate the transaction.

Can I use the SecurePAC for different transactions?

No, each SecurePAC can only be used for one transaction as each SecurePAC is unique.

How long does the SecurePAC last for?

SecurePAC authentication for transactions on MyPB App itself has no time limit. However, SecurePAC authentication for transactions at other avenues (i.e. PBe/ MyPB/ PB engage) will have a 2 minutes/ 120 seconds time limit. Once the time limit has been reached, the SecurePAC will expire and you will have to redo the whole transaction again to generate a new SecurePAC.

What happens if I input the SecurePAC after 2 minutes?

You will not be able to authenticate the transaction and a failed acknowledgement screen will be displayed. You will have to re-generate the SecurePAC again.

What happens if I enter the wrong SecurePAC three times?

The transaction will be unsuccessful and a failed acknowledgement screen will be displayed. You will have to redo the transaction again.

How can I authorise my PBe or PB engage transactions using MyPB App?

You will be prompted with options to approve the transaction using PB SecureSign Push Notification or SecurePAC on PBe, MyPB or PB engage.

If you choose to approve the transaction using Push Notification, you will receive a push notification from your MyPB App. Upon tapping on the push notification, you will be directed to MyPB App to review your transaction details. Then, you can either “Approve” to authenticate the transaction or “Reject” the transaction within the 2 minutes/ 120 seconds time limit.

If you choose to approve the transaction using SecurePAC, you are required to launch MyPB App and tap on “PB SecureSign” to obtain your 6-digit code. You will be prompted to authenticate the transaction via biometric/ SecurePIN and subsequently the SecurePAC will be generated. Kindly input the SecurePAC on PBe, MyPB or PB engage to approve your transaction.

What if I accidentally dismiss the Push Notification on my device?

Don’t worry, you can still authenticate the transaction by tapping on “PB SecureSign” on MyPB App’s home screen within the 2 minutes/ 120 seconds time limit. You will be prompted with your transaction details here for you to “Approve” or “Reject” the transaction.


What if I failed to approve my transaction in time?

Unfortunately, if you did not “Approve” the transaction within the 2 minutes/ 120 seconds time limit, your transaction will be cancelled. You will have to redo the transaction again.

I did not receive the Push Notification to approve my PBe, MyPB or PB engage transactions. What can I do?

If you are experiencing issues receiving Push Notification, please ensure your device has a good internet connection and relaunch MyPB App. Please also ensure that you have enabled Push Notifications on your device for MyPB App. You can enable this via your device’s app notification settings.