Send Money

What is the Send Money button for?

This feature enables you to perform fund transfer:

  1. To Own Account/ Other Public Bank Account
  2. DuitNow Transfer to Other Bank Account/ DuitNow ID
  3. Interbank GIRO (IBG) - to Bangkok Bank Berhad and China Construction Bank (Malaysia) Berhad only
Why can’t I access/ use the Send Money function?

Please ensure that you have a strong internet connection. To access to this feature, you are required to:

  • Have an active PBe profile and link the PBe profile to MyPB App
  • Activate PB SecureSign on MyPB App
  • Have a valid an active current/ savings account to perform transactions
Why can’t I perform an IBG transaction to banks other than Bangkok Bank Berhad and China Construction Bank (Malaysia) Berhad?

For quick and instant transfer to your recipient, DuitNow Transfer will be used as the default fund transfer method on MyPB App. However, if you want to use IBG, please proceed to use PBe Internet Banking instead.

Why is there a default or pre-selected account during transfer?

This is because you have selected a preferred debiting account during the first-time login setup. This feature allows auto selecting debiting account to perform transactions. You can always tap on “From” to select another debiting account.

You can change your preferred account at “Account” page under your desired account. Please click on the “Prefer” icon then you will have successfully set that account as your preferred debiting account.


My favourite card/ loan/ financing account is not available under the favourite listing.

You may access to your favourite card/ loan/ financing account via Pay Card or Pay Loan.

I made an erroneous transaction to a third party and want to recover the funds.

Please proceed to the nearest Public Bank or Public Islamic Bank Branch and fill up the grievance form.